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October 23, 2020

OTR Brewing Stories
Cologne style ale, classic German hop flavor infused with spice, fruit and floral characteristics!

Kölsch tends to be light and drinkable, often with a touch of muted fruitiness to them but typically exhibits the much crisper, cleaner finish you would expect from a pale lager. These attributes make Kölsch an extremely quaffable beer that goes down easy and yet one still desires  for another sip, perfect for warm weather or any time you want something simple that still has a bit of integrity.

Kölsch is fermented with ale yeast at much cooler temperatures than traditional ales. While made with pilsner malt, and noble hops, it may contain as much as 20% wheat malt. The result is a very pale straw coloured beer with a low malt character and a subtle noble hoppiness in aroma and flavour. 

So, come visit us at Off The Rails or join our community and order online through our website and appreciate your growlers of Kölsch for yourself. Let it satisfy your taste buds, you will not be disappointed in this one of a kind beer!

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