Hops & Grains

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September 30, 2020

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Hops and grains are the backbone and depth of Beer!

These are absolutely magical ingredients and are interesting ones in the magical recipe of Beer!

Let's get digging!

What are hops?

As far as beer is concerned, what we call “hops” are actually just the cone-shaped flowers of the female hops plant, aka Humulus lupulus. 

hops contain acids and oils that impart bitterness, flavour, and stability to the finished beer. Generally, hops are added to the boil stage of brewing, as it takes a pretty long time (around an hour) to unleash the “alpha” acids that bitter and balance the sweetness of the malt.

Hops are divided into two very general varieties: bittering and aromatic. Bittering hops will have higher alpha acids, making them more economical for bittering Beer . Aromatic hops will tend to have more essential oils. That’s why adding them later in the brewing process tends to make a beer smell “hoppier.” 

What are Grains? Grains are the Backbone of Beer! While barley is most common but there  are categories like Base Malts,Caramel & Crystal Malts,Adjunct Grains,Kilned & Toasted Malts,Roasted Malts,Other Malts.

Let's quickly get a jist of all.

Base Malts

Base malts make up the grist in all-grain beer,The darker the color it leads the  malts a more toasty, malty flavor than you get from lighter colour Beer.

Caramel & Crystal Malts

The lighter-colored crystal malts are more "sweet," while darker crystal malts add roastiness or nuttiness in addition to sweetness.They also add dextrins, which bring body and a thicker mouthfeel.

Adjunct Grains

These are basically starchy things.They don't have enzymes like malted grains, so they need to be mashed with base malt to extract their sugars.These are basically starchy things.

Kilned & Toasted Malts

Includes malts such as amber, special roast, and aromatic malts which are Usually used in low quantities to contribute a unique flavored Beer or some season special Beer.

Roasted Malts

These are any malts or grains that are being roasted or toasted and then used to brew beer.Roasted malts are delicious, provided you don't go completely overboard with the roasting or toasting!

Other Malts

Some malts do not come from barley. These malts are essentially processed  and then can be treated as their barley Friends!.

So know you know all your secrets of your favorite Beer! Both the ingredients match each other's possibilities of making your favourite glass of craft Beer for you.

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