Brewing to Mooing!

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September 26, 2020


The idea of giving out the spent grain to our farms as feeds that too free of cost is actually of the Captain of our Ship “Saurabh”. He believes being in local business we should always support local business!

So we at OTR Brewing company share our spent grains at free of cost to Gilroy Ostrich Farms.

They being the local pickup, feed their farm animals and birds feed them with our spent grains and its joyful to see how happy and cheerful the animals are at this farm.

They have Ostriches, pigs, Rabbits,Chickens, Alpacas, Goats etc. in their farms. You can go on have fun filled family outings with your kids too where you can enjoy fun facts, habitat details, ancestry details and a fun filled tour of their farm.

Farmers turning a brewer’s spent grain into filling and nutritional livestock feed is a relatively common practice. Some say the practice is as old as beer itself. It’s also a mutually beneficial practice. By the time a brewmaster extracts the fermentable sugar from the grain used to make beer, what’s left is a soggy mass of ground kernels. And lots of it. A small microbrewery can easily use 300 to 500 pounds of barley for a 200-pound batch of beer.

But those leftover soggy kernels still have value — if not for people, then for sheep, cattle, pigs, and chickens so why not instead to wasting them or selling them out, donate and feed our local farm birds and animals.

You know what? You guys can also be a part of this support group. How? Just stopping by at off the rails and enjoying your beers here will help us generate feed for the cattle.

Come join our community and be a part of us. Let's all together support local Business!

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