Pale, malty, German-style lager brewed to celebrate the Fall season. Light and crisp with a sweet, smooth flavor, taste of fall in a pint.

Resurrection Kölsch (4.7%)

Cologne Style Ale. Great summer ale with classic noble type German hop flavor with spice, fruit and floral characteristics (IBU 20)

Honey Blonde

A very approachable and easy drinking golden ale. Rounded and smooth, an American classic, brewed with honey.

Flor de Jamaica
(4.5 %)

Visually pleasing and easy to drink hibiscus infused beer, sure to appreciate the balance we have tried to achieve with this floral concoction.

Doppler (4.2%)

Citra Pale Ale. A low alcoholic Pale Ale with just the right bitterness, brewed using Cascade bittering hops during the brew process and a nice bunch of aromatic Citra hops in the Dry hopping.

Locomotive (4.4%)

Mexican Style Lager

Rose Rail (5.4%)

American Red Ale

Longhaul Wheat (5.2%)

Traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen


Classic American IPA

Baggage Handler (8.2%)

Baltic Style Porter