Starting Off The Rails Brewing Co. was the direct result of a desire to create something very unique, very local and cater to the community of Sunnyvale. We are ourselves beer enthusiasts and whenever we travel outside the US, the one thing we miss most is a pint of great tasting locally crafted beer. Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years, we underestimate how blessed we are when it comes to fresh produce, fruits, meats, dairy and great tasting craft beers.

We come from the world of technology and just like the magic of a well packaged code we come across so much in our daily lives, we strive to bring the same level of perfection and amazement to our beers. We experiment with ingredients, temperatures, ratios and timings to create something unique and truly ours and love to share the same with you. We try to source, as much as possible, all our malts, hops, yeast and especially grains from local sources not too far away from our main brewing facility at 111 S Murphy Avenue. 

We are passionate about food in general and beer in particular. Graduating from a small scale home brewing setup to a microbrewery format has been quite a journey. We hope you’ll enjoy what we have created and share a moment with your family and loved ones.

- The Founders